MGCS Takes on New Name and Identity as Midwest Growth Capital Symposium

University of Michigan Finance Professor David Brophy, who founded the Michigan Growth Capital Symposium nearly four decades ago, announced that the nation’s longest-running venture fair is taking on a new name and identity.

From now on, the MGCS will be called the Midwest Growth Capital Symposium to reflect the growing prominence and engagement of entrepreneurs, startup companies and venture investors in the Midwestern region of the country.

“For 37 years, this event has been known as the Michigan Growth Capital Symposium, but people from everywhere in the country have come here with startups companies and as investors,” said Brophy, speaking at the closing luncheon reception on May 16.

“Given we entertain people from outside Michigan, we’re finally getting recognition here in the Midwest for company formation and investment,” he continued. “We also are supporting the investment industry on both coasts. We want to convert [local] investors and get them to eat ‘our own cooking’ [here in the Midwest]. In addition, we want to give opportunities to our students and graduates who are working in this region.”

In addition to increasing the flow of early stage companies and angel and venture capital investors at the annual symposium, the name change is intended to accelerate the ongoing interaction and collaboration among people who start, grow and fund high-potential companies.

“We want to get them all to work together,” Brophy said.

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