Measure What Matters With TRAZER

If you can’t measure it, how do you improve it?  The world struggles with objectively quantifying movement and performance.

In athletics, we keep statistics on more information than it is seemingly possible. We run BEEP tests to measure endurance tests, 40-yard dash to measure speed, Pre-planned cone drills to measure agility, and the bench press to measure strength, but are we truly measuring what matters most? How many use a sport-specific, objective measurement technology to look at whole body reaction times to unplanned movement with the heart-rate elevated?  How many measure performance metrics while challenging the vestibular system?  Or measure movement asymmetries in multiple directions while challenging the brain to keep up with the body?  How many do these assessments for all types of injuries, head and body?  Most don’t. They rely on neuro-cognitive testing, which is limited in its value to the Athletic Trainer or clinician.  Objective measurement of the critical components of movement to track the progress of an athlete would be incredibly valuable to coaches, athletic trainers and healthcare providers in the return to play protocols.

I’m no athletic trainer but measuring reaction time to unplanned cues, speed over distance, acceleration and deceleration tracked in 8 different directions would provide pretty valuable movement data for improving performance, which is what it is all about.  When measuring athletic performance, isn’t reaction time critical to see the visual/Neuro-cognitive/muscular-skeletal connection.  Isn’t that why some of the greatest of all time are not necessarily the most gifted athletically, but because of how the see, read and react in and to the game.

At TRAZER, we measure what matters, to make a meaningful difference for the patient, athlete, soldier, healthcare provider, trainer, caregiver and insurer in improving movement and performance.  Trazer will present at the 2018 Michigan Growth Capital Symposium. Find out more at trazer.com.

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